Farm Planting Solutions

Working together for a sustainable future.

The Canterbury region has seen an increase in awareness of enhancing ecosystem-health, particularly within the agricultural and horticultural industries.

Plains Irrigators Limited have actively looked for means to participate in the promotion of this awareness and in supporting farmers and landowners through such changes. These changes will aim to satisfy Farm Environmental Plans (FEPs), Planting (Riparian) Management Plans and a number of other initiatives, under Environment Canterbury’s Land & Water Regional Plan.

Plains Irrigators have formed a collaborative partnership with SmithScapes, a local landscaping business. Using our GPS mapping data, expert advice on choice and location of plants and best approaches to planting maintenance, we will create a comprehensive Planting Management Plan.

The Planting Management Plan document will compliment Environment Canterbury’s Biodiversity Funding Application. Additionally, if planting projects fall under other eligibility criteria (see ECan’s Additional Sources of Funding), the Planting Management Plan will act as a supporting document for the chosen application(s).

The Planting Management Plan includes maps of project sites, property boundaries, location of waterways etc., together with specific details of proposed project actions and how the project will be monitored and maintained. We can provide this information and help advise you through your application.

Click here to download the full Planting Initiative brochure